Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vetkoek, Taiwanese Drums and a Volleyball Match

The weekend started early because on Thursday I finally got my first paycheck! My first big girl paycheck ever for that matter. It was very exciting! The girls who live on my side of town decided to go out and spend too much money on dinner just because we finally could. We went to this Western style place that was really good!

On Friday a few of us went to the night market and did a little shopping. I bought a shirt with a pig on it and a shirt with a robot on it. You can find pretty interesting things at the night market. 

On Saturday, Angela, Rhonda and I went to South Africa Day at the Refuge on the outskirts of Taichung. The Refuge used to be an amusement park, but has been abandoned for quite some time. Nowadays, events like concerts and festivals (like South Africa Day) are held there. We took a taxi there and it was neat because we drove through the mountains a bit. The day consisted of trying lots of different kinds of food and drinks, meeting other non-Asian Taichung dwellers and listening to lots of Angela's stories about South Africa. It was such a neat experience to be there with her because she actually knew what was going on and she could tell me when I was eating foods the wrong way. 

South African cider and a rock n roll monkey

Boerewors roll & chicken sosaties. So delicous!

Another South African cider

The native South African 

They had a swimming pool set up for kids and an apparent bikini contest that never actually happened

A pig roasting on a spit

Vetkoek: Angela would not let me eat it with a spoon,  in fact she yelled at me for trying to eat it with a spoon. It was ridiculously messy but so good. 

Malva Pudding

South Africa Day!

A beer that was not South African, but in fact Portuguese 

Showing off her new Savannah Dry shirt

Illustrations showing the old amusement park

She's a flower!

The name of the facility 

SpringBokkies. A delicious shot that is named for one of the types of antelope found in South Africa. It also happens to be the name of a rugby team there. 

Later that night some of the Taiwanese teachers got a few of us tickets to a drum show at the amphitheater  in the big park close to our apartment. It was a show that featured a very famous traditional drummer that has been featured in a few movies before. It was an amazing show. There were gigantic drums, dancing, giant Buddha and other Taiwanese god costumes and symphony music. The drummers were amazing and apparently they had rehearsed for the show for two years. You could definitely tell that they put a lot of work into it. The show flew in female dancers from China to participate in a few scenes. Everything about the show was wonderful and it was even better because we got to experience it with some of our new Taiwanese friends. 

Angela, me, Rhonda, Frank, Katie, Tameeka and Patricia 

Katie, Angela and I

The stage

It was packed

The weekend ended in grand fashion on Sunday when we played a volleyball match between both campuses. Shang-An beat Nan Men three times. It was fabulous. Uncle Michael, one of the men who works at Nan Men and is basically an all around helper, was not very happy because he wanted Nan Men to win so bad. We were ecstatic though especially because our boss did not think that we were going to be very good. But we proved her wrong! It was so fun to get both campuses together because that doesn't happen that often. The campuses are located about half an hour apart, so travel between the two doesn't happen too terribly often. 

Shang-An wins!

The whole volleyball gang

We're kind of strange

One of the best pictures from Taiwan so far. Everything about it is so perfect. 

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