Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Work Party, an NBA Star, Some Adorable Kids, Lots of Rain and a Little Food Poisoning

I know it's been over a week since I've written, so I apologize for that. I haven't traveled out of Taichung in two weekends now (that's a record!). This is due to the fact that there has been a typhoon the last two weekends, causing it to rain all weekend and the majority of the week. Traveling in a typhoon is not exactly fun, so we've stayed in town. I'm starting to go a bit stir crazy here though. I like Taichung and all, but there is so much to do and see in the rest of Taiwan that I get antsy when I'm not seeing it. A trip has already been planned for next weekend because the roommates and I have to get out of town! Here's what has been going on in my life these past two weeks:

Surprise Work Party for Teacher Susan
The Taiwanese staff did an amazing job organizing a surprise birthday party for our foreign director Teacher Susan. We were told to wear pink and white and show up at T.Patricia's house at 7:00. It was so fun to see everyone outside of school! A few of the Taiwanese staff made a video for T.Susan with videos of old staff, present staff and children wishing her a happy birthday. It was adorable. T.Patricia said she wanted to make T.Susan cry and she succeeded in that. We had a fun night eating lots of delicious food, teaching the Taiwanese staff how to play quarters and just hanging out outside of school. 
T. Tameeka, T. Katie, T. Alice and I

Playing quarters. It was quite intense.

T. Kalee, Katie, Kelly, Brittany and I

All of the foreign and Taiwanese staff who attended

T. Patrica, Angela, Katie, Tameeka, Alice, Kalee and I

An NBA Star
Katie and I were wandering around last Friday night, looking for something to eat. Katie decided that she wanted to get carryout from a somewhat fancy restaurant that we had eaten at a few weeks prior. When we walked up to the building we saw that they were having a huge party and there were lots of people waiting around outside the building. We walked up to the hostess and said that we wanted carryout. We were let into the building where we learned that there was an NBA star there by the name of Robinson. Being the Jayhawk that I am, I automatically thought Thomas Robinson. We had to talk to four different waitresses before we learned that his full name was Nate Robinson. Turns out that he is an ex-Chicago Bulls, current Denver Nuggets player who also happened to win the slam dunk contest three times and he is the shortest player to ever win the slam dunk contest. Pretty cool. (And no, I did not actually know any of that when I heard his name but I did use the internet and my NBA loving roommate to figure that out when we got home). 
In front of the sign advertising that Robinson was going to be there promoting the NBA

Walking out from the restaurant to his car

Some Adorable Kids
My kids are the greatest. Here's some (okay a lot of) pictures to prove it. 
Pretending to be snakes

Playing a colors matching game

Learning the letter A

Dancing to the 5 Little Monkeys song

Making Father's Day Cards

Doing an apple counting activity 

Going on a letter "A" hunt

Making a friendship book

Practicing spelling our names

Reading about friendship

Making collage butterflies

Playing a matching game

Making birds out of the letter "B"

Playing a ball game

Blowing bubbles on the playground 

Reading Rainbow Fish

Playing during centers

The house the kiddos made out of circle blocks

Playing with cars

Painting with cars

Making roads and cars out of the letter "C"

Making a friendship snack

Painting emotions

Working in our workbooks

Practicing the letter "C"

Sorting pictures based on what letter the word started with

A Little Food Poisoning
I'm not going to share my food poisoning story with the entire internet but those of you who know my Mrs. E's food poisoning story, this was much worse. And looking back on it, much more entertaining. Maybe I'll share in the future, but then again maybe this will be a "what happens in Taiwan, stays in Taiwan" story. 

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