Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rainbow Village, Changhua and Future Travel Plans

Rainbow Village

Two weekends ago Angela and I decided to take a trip to see Taichung's famous Rainbow Village. To quote the internet:
 "The Rainbow Village (彩虹卷村) was built in the 1940s -1950s to house soldiers and their families. As time went by, it slowly became a permanent dwelling for its settlers. One of the veterans there, 87-year-old Huang Yung Fu, turned the village into a giant piece of artwork in recent years by covering the walls and ground with his drawings."
The "village" is actually just three buildings, connected by walkways. It was really small and packed with people, but it was still pretty neat. All of the walls and some of the ceiling and floor are covered with different , mostly tribal, paintings. The man who created everything, Huang Yung Fu, was there selling merchandise and signing autographs. Apparently he still adds artwork to the limited blank spaces left on the buildings. He seemed like a pretty cool old dude.


Last weekend the roomies and I decided to take a day trip to the giant Buddha in Changhau, about twenty minutes by train from Taichung. It was our first time going on the train by ourselves and we did it with very minor hiccups. All of the people who we asked for help at the train station were friendly and went out of their way to help us purchase the right tickets and get on the correct train. People here are seriously the best. Upon arriving in Changhua we took a taxi to the hill with the Buddha and we got a little tour of the area by our talkative taxi driver. Through his broken English and our super broken Chinese we discovered that the hill was not only home to the Buddha, but half a dozen other scenic spots as well. Jackpot. We spent the day  wandering around the area, exploring gardens and waterfalls, climbing into old American airplanes from the Japanese occupation era and making street art. 

 The mighty giant Buddha

The view from the Buddha


The temple


Making some street art

Our amazing llamas 

In the cockpit of the old American airplane

Future Travel Plans

My wallet has not liked me this past week but I really do not care. Angela and I were planning on visiting one of my friends from KU in Myanmar over a long weekend in mid-October, but those plans fell through due to visa issues. So here were Angela and I with three days taken off work and nowhere to go. As we were deciding on a country to visit (I am so blessed that one of my only problems lately has been to decide what country I want to visit) we both blurted out South Korea at the same time. The next day our plane tickets were booked and we found ourselves pouring over South Korean tourist websites. We'll be traveling to Seoul and meeting up with one of Angela's friends from college. She'll be our tour guide and we even get to stay with her a few nights. So excited.

This same week, my mom finally bought her plane tickets to come visit me in November! We are meeting in Hong Kong in early November. We'll stay in Hong Kong for two days and then take a day trip to Macau for our third day. Then mom will be in Taiwan for a few days before she jets off to China. I am so excited for her to get here so she can finally see and experience everything I have been talking about for these past few months.

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