Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mom in Taiwan

During mom's stay in Taiwan, we fit a ridiculous amount of activities into a short amount of time.

On Monday, she came to school with me and met the staff and my kiddos. She spent the morning in my classroom helping me with the day's activities. It was super cute to see my kiddos interact with her. They were so excited to meet her because I had been telling them for weeks that she was coming. It was fun to watch them use their English to talk to her. During lunch we visited Rainbow Village and then had Tepanyaki for lunch. After lunch, I went back to school and mom went and got a massage. Later that night we went to see the Happy Golden Buddha, visited the night market and went to eat hot pot with a bunch of school friends.

On Tuesday, mom went to visit Kaohsiung by herself during the day while I went to work. After I picked her up from the HSR station, we went and had dinner and then went to Sanmin Night Market.

On Wednesday, mom went to visit Sun Moon Lake by herself during the day while I went to work. She met me at school and we visited with some of my colleagues and kiddos. After dinner, Michelle and I took her to a night market down the street that mostly consists of games and food. We played a ton of games and ate a few snacks. Then we hopped in a cab and went to the rooftop bar at a local hotel. The view was beautiful and the drinks were delicious. It was the perfect end to her time in Taichung.

On Thursday, mom went to Taipei by herself while I was at work. She ended up meeting up with Angela, who was supposed to go to Japan but then didn't, and they spent the whole day together. I met up with them at our hotel after work. We stayed at a nice hotel near the airport and spent the whole evening enjoying our awesome beds and taking advantage of room service.

In the morning it was time to send mom off to China and get on the earliest HSR to get back to Taichung and back to work.

It was such a wonderful experience to have my mom here and show her everything that I've been telling her about my life for the past five months. The next to visit will be Hai and then after that my dad and sister, they'll be here before I know it!

On the scooter! 

In front of a temple close to my apartment

Playing a baseball game at the market

Ring toss game

The best game

Rooftop bar

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