Saturday, December 21, 2013

Six Months

I can't believe that I've already been here for six months. Time has a weird way of working here because it feels like its flown by, but at the same time it feels like I've been here forever. I can't even begin to sum up my experiences I've had here so far. I'm grateful for all of the amazing things I've gotten to do, as well as all the wonderful people I have met. I know that I will be forever changed from my time on this beautiful island. Its been an amazing six months, here's to an amazing six more. 

I decided to create a list of the highlights of the past half a year. They're list in (almost) chronological order.

1. Moved to Taiwan: scariest, most exciting thing I've ever done. 

 2. Survived my first typhoon: crazy winds, fort making and being over prepared with bottled water

 3. Accidentally becoming a Taoist: I have an official card and everything 

4. Turning 22: A three day celebration topped off with a group visit to Sun Moon Lake

 5. Visting Lukang: Spending the day with this cutie and his mom in one of the oldest cities in Taiwan

6. Kenting: Weekend trip with Taiwanese and foreign co-workers

7: Linkou, Taipei and Danshui: visiting Anna and her family at their home in Linkou 

 8. Canadian Tuexdo Party: There ain't no party like a Canadian party

 9. Changhua: Giant Buddha and taxiing to "that picture of a bridge by the ocean in a brochure"

10. Mid-Autumn Festival: moon cakes and pomellos galore 

11. Mid-Autumn Festival trip to Kaohsiung: temples, beaches, long lost friends and a massive ferris wheel 

12: Color Walk: color, color and more color...and lots of stares from locals

 13: Yunlin: famous bridge, Fion's family and some interesting food

 14: Halloween: Adorable children dressed up and a crazy party at a club

15. South Korea: DMZ, lots of palaces, love locks, kimchi, k-pop, coffee shops galore, abundance of clothing shops, great nightlife and meeting Sarah

16: Tainan: gnarled trees, great food, Confucius temple and street markets

17. Thanksgiving: Costco turkey sandwiches, feast at school, lots to be thankful for

18. Patricia and Franc's wedding: traditional dresses, fun wedding customs and amazing food

19: Hilou: biking, wine tasting, mountain gazing, great friends and interesting food 

20. Hong Kong: mom comes to Asia, skyscrapers, Victoria's peak, shopping, big Buddha, mountain "hiking", old temples

21. Macau: mom comes to Asia, gambling, Portuguese architecture, giant pandas, being kicked off buses, Macau Tower and church ruins 

 22. Sitou: curvy roads, massive trees, hiking through the clouds, bamboo bridges 

 23. Pingtung: waterfalls, sandwiches, renting scooters, mountain driving, beach day

I have been blessed.

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