Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hsinchu Weekend

The weekend after Christmas, Holly, Katie and I went up north to Hsinchu for the weekend. It was a nice, relaxing weekend filled with hiking at Lion's Head Mountain, going to an improv comedy show, visiting a glass museum and the local zoo. 

At the start of the trail. Lion's Head is home to 11 Buddhist temples, all of which are very different.

The view from almost the highest point on the mountain

The hike was beautiful 

A small place of worship built into a retaining wall

We ventured up a blocked off path and found the reason why...a recent landslide.

We climbed these stairs one too many times on our quest to find the "Lion's Head Rock" (fun fact: Lion's Head Rock is the actual mountain and we spent the entire day trying to find the rock, when we were in fact on it the whole time)

Beautiful, 100+ year old temple. It had 3D carvings like nothing I have ever seen

The most unique and beautiful temple I have ever seen

The detail on this temple was incredible

We loved it, Katie on the other hand hated it.

Another 100+ year old temple

I love this picture

Visiting the glass museum, because that is about the extent of things to do in Hsinchu

The zoo! 

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