Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Strawberry Pickin

Roxy and Cleo, being the awesome people they are, invited a few of using to go strawberry picking in Miaoli. It's strawberry season here in Taiwan and the little red guys are everywhere. Even though most of us had been out late the night before, we jumped at the chance to take a trip to the source. An hours train ride, 45 minutes on a bus and a five minute walk and we had arrived at the glorious fields. The glorious fields ended up being basically in the middle of a tourist area, surrounded by buildings. Nevertheless, they were strawberries and they were there demanding to be picked. We had to oblige. 

After spending some time in the fields, picking whatever strawberries we wanted and singing "Strawberry Fields" over and over again, we headed back to the touristy area. We sampled lots of different strawberry flavored delicacies, including deep fried strawberries, strawberry sausages and strawberry shaved ice. It as an excellent afternoon. 

That evening we ate at a restaurant where I ate the second best soup I've had in Taiwan. Then it was back on the train and back to Taichung. 

Another great day in this beautiful place. 

Deep fried strawberries

The group for the day

Strawberry fields forever (or at least until the buildings)


Not as good as the mango version, but a very, very close second

The foreigner part of our group

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