Monday, February 24, 2014


While booking our flights for our Chinese New Year (hereafter known as CNY) trip, Michelle and I noticed that flights in and out of Cambodia were pretty expensive. We ended up finding a cheap flight to Bangkok, Thailand and then a cheap flight out of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In order to save some money, and see another country in the process, we booked our tickets. 

 Michelle and I had approximately 18 hours in Bangkok. Due to the increased political tension in the city because of the impending elections, we decided that we should avoid the central parts of the city. We decided to spend our one day at a place, on the outskirts of town, called The Ancient City. The "city" consists of a massive park with replicas of all of the important and famous buildings in Thailand. If we couldn't see the entirety of Thailand in our day, then we were going to at least see the highlights...or replicas of the highlights. 

We rented bikes and spent the day biking around the park, having random dance parties on boats, eating delicious food overlooking a river, drinking beers, and buying "Thailand pants". The weather was sunny and warm, a very welcome change to the cloudy and cold crap we had been getting in Taiwan. 

After spending a most of the day at the park we hopped into a taxi and headed across town to the airport. We had a delicious Thai meal at a restaurant in the airport before going through security to wait for our flight to Siem Reap. 

It was the perfect start to an incredible CNY trip. My time in Thailand was just enough to leave me wanting more, a lot more. I definitely want to go back next year and spend some quality time in the country. 18 hours was not nearly enough.  

Our biking adventure starts!

Some carvings on one of the temples

A statue next to a pond

Found these hanging in a grove of bamboo trees

Rainbow bridge! 

On a boat, cruising through the park

Decorations on one of the other boats

This guy scared the crap out of us because we didn't know he was there and then he started making a lot of noise in a very short amount of time. 

Dinner in Bangkok: Pad Thai, Spring Rolls and Singha beer

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