Sunday, March 2, 2014

Firework Festival

Two weeks ago Taiwan celebrated both the Lantern Festival and the Firework Festival. A few friends and I decided to go to the firework festival in Tainan. We took the HSR to Kaohsiung, dropped our stuff off at our friend's apartment and hopped into a taxi to take us to the bus that would then take us to Tainan. Angela got the four of us onto a bus of foreigners. The bus was supposed to hold over 40 people, but in reality it held about 32. This led to people having to stand/sit in the aisle..which then led to the experience being even more awesome. The bus was loud, crowded and full of alcohol and music. After about an hour of drinking, people realized that the bus had no bathroom and pretty much all at once everyone needed that none existent bathroom. This led to people running up and down the aisles to ask/yell at the bus driver to let them off. By this point we had gotten into Tainan city limits, but just hadn't gotten to our parking space left. When we finally parked it was a mad dash to anywhere and everywhere you could use the bathroom. 

After a bathroom break, the putting on of our firework armor and the "wine bottle incident" we were ready to head into battle. Words cannot describe the actual festival, so I've included two videos. It was an amazing experience that I definitely want to repeat next year.

Ang and I waiting for the taxi

"The Olympic Team" waiting for the HSR

Check out these videos!

Here is Tim's awesome video! Yanshui Firework Festival Video

The website, Elite Daily, recently published an article, and an awesome video, about the event here.

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