Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cross-Country Paragliding

Last Sunday afternoon Karlis had no passengers to fly so we decided to head out and try a cross-country flight. We left from Puli and flew to Cingjing Farm, about 30km away. We were up in the air for close to 2 hours. It was an amazing experience flying through the clouds and over mountains. I felt like a bird. 

I could use words to describe this experience, but pictures and the video do it more justice. 

We started at the bottom and ended at the top. The yellow and red lines represent increases in altitude, while the blue is descending. 

Pointing to our landing zone, a field next to the parking lot at Cingjing Farm

Absolutely beautiful 

I mean really, it looks fake

We landed in this farmer's field and after we landed he came over to the parachute and started picking it up and looking at it. We thought he wouldn't speak English and he'd be mad at us for landing there, but boy were we wrong. He spoke perfect English and he was so excited that we were there. He kept asking all these questions about flying and what we did. He was one of the happiest, most energetic people I have met in Taiwan. 

Check out the video here!

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