Friday, June 13, 2014

Road trip to Fairyland

Spontaneous trips make the best trips. A few weeks ago we decided to rent a car on a whim and drive to Alishan. After making a rather long detour to Pingtung to pick Ria up, we drove through the mountains to our final destination. Words, and pictures for that matter, can't do this place justice. Every turn in the road brought on views that should have been fake. Alishan itself was prettier than I had even imagined. It felt like a fairyland. I was just waiting to see the tiny creatures peek out from behind mushrooms or crawl out of the tree roots. On the way home we drove through Yushan National Park, stopped in various country towns and made a pit stop at Sun Moon Lake to take a single picture. A wonderful road trip with even more wonderful friends. 

The view from the top of Alishan at sunrise

Karlis admiring the view

The road trip crew

A 3,000 year old tree

Wandering through the forests

We found this guy on the side of the road in Yushan

The view from the lookout point at Takata

A random sunflower field we found

The Green Tunnel at Jiji

The only picture from our quick 5 minute stop at Sun Moon Lake

Fields on the way to Pingtung

Driving to Saija

Driving up to Alishan

Hiking up the "Staircase to Heaven"

I mean come on...

Taking the train to the top of the mountain at 5am

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