Friday, November 22, 2013

Biking in Houli

A very unexpected, last minute trip to a town about twenty minutes away by train. 

Two of the Taiwanese teachers from school invited Angela, Ria and I to go biking with them on this path in the countryside. We said "okay!" and met them early the next morning at the train station. Upon arriving in Houli we rented electric bikes and started off on the path. The path led us through tree tunnels, under mountains, over bridges, past wineries, through little towns, past rice fields and mountains until it ended at a Hakka Cultural Center. It was a glorious day spent enjoying the beautiful countryside in the company of great friends. 

And we're off!

At the entrance to the tunnel through the mountain 

Inside the tunnel

On the first bridge

This winery sat right on the river and had beautiful gardens. And delicious wine, which we tasted quite a bit of. 

Not so great wine. 

The second river

Part of lunch: fried tofu, seaweed, black fermented eggs and pig's ears


The storm clouds started to roll in 

Rice fields

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