Friday, November 22, 2013

Canadian Tuxedos, A BBQ With the Boss, A Massive Bridge, A Lot of Color, and a Birthday Party

So...I haven't been the best at posting. Actually, I've been pretty horrible lately. This post is a conglomeration of some standout events from the last two months.

Canadian Tuxedo Party

For my favorite Canadian's (well for now anyway...Andrew Wiggins is surely and steadily winning my heart over) birthday we decided to throw her a semi-surprise Canadian Tuxedo themed birthday party. For those of you who don't know what this entails, it is when you wear all denim. There is a fantastic picture of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears circa like 2002 doting their Canadian tuxedos. It's worth a google, if only to see JT with bleached blonde, curly hair again. The party was a lot of fun and everyone got into the spirit and showed up wearing their finest denim. Angela and I upped it up a notch and made denim print moose antlers. What's more Canadian than denim and moose antlers...maybe just maple syrup. 
KCK strikes again

The Palace ladies

Make all the boy moose go "wahhhhhhhhh"

A BBQ With the Boss

Every year for Full Moon Festival the owner of my school hosts a BBQ for the foreign staff at her house. This year was filled with delicious food, good company, some dancing videos and a few amazing pictures. 
The majority of our staff

Reenacting two of her paintings. We tried to be sneaky but then got caught in the act

A Massive Bridge

One of our Taiwanese colleagues, Fion, invited us to her hometown of Silou to visit a massive bridge. The bridge was celebrating it's 60th anniversary. It used to be a major transportation area, but it is not a pedestrian only bridge. We spent the day walking around the old town, meeting Fion's husband, baby and in-laws, trying some new foods, walking across the bridge, eating street food and visiting a ridiculously old temple. Fion and her husband were gracious hosts and we all had a wonderful experience learning about her hometown.
The whole gang at the start of the bridge

Two of my favorites

In front of the gate to the old temple

We got to use some rockin headsets 

Found this in some artist's backyard

This kite was massive!

Artwork on the bridge to commemorate its birthday 

They had these amazing old pictures hanging from the cross beams. The pictures showed different people who lived in the Silou area since the bridge was created. They were beautiful. 

Some interestingly dressed MCs. This guy had a bejeweled crotch.

Signage on the bridge

Sunset over the river

Michelle bought a turtle from a vendor. It proceeded to die three days later. Lesson learned: don't buy animals off the street

A Lot of Color

Most of the Cornel staff participated in the Color Walk, which unfortunately occurred the day after our massive Halloween party. After just getting 2.5 hours of sleep (and some of us getting 0) we all made our way to Goat Park and participated in the festivities. The walk was set up very oddly because the course had you walk through the color tent, walk one lap around the park and then walk back through the same color tent. We felt like superstars each time we came through the tent because literally every photographer there would turn to take our picture. Being in a pack of white girls (and one boy) make people turn their heads, and camera lens. After having our picture taken a few dozen times we decided that we had enough and headed home. The best part of the morning was riding home on the scooter and getting looks from everyone we'd pull up next to. 
The early arrivers

Everyone at the end of the walk

Ready to go get some stares!

A Birthday Party

Last week we celebrated one of my kiddos birthdays and his mom was kind enough to take some awesome pictures. They were too cute not to share!

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