Saturday, November 30, 2013


Thanksgiving this year was a three part affair, consisting of lots of food and good friends.

Part 1: Cornel's Thanksgiving Dinner

Each year my school hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for the staff and any families that want to attend. I was lucky enough to have seven different families come. Everyone brought food to share and there was an abundance of delicious things to eat. It was so much fun to talk to many of my families and play with my kiddos outside of school. There was even a musical number included in the night's festivities. One of the Taiwanese teachers is getting married and the rest of the staff surprised her by singing Bruno Mars's "Just the Way You Are" and presenting her with flowers. It was super cute. 

My favorite part of the night though was when I saw one of my students standing by a table eating ice cream. I squatted down next to him and started talking to him about his ice cream. He then gave me his cup to hold and I thought "alright buddy, I'm not your trashcan" but instead of running off he proceeded to get another cup off the table and scoop me some ice cream. He handed me the cup of newly scooped ice cream and said, "T.Cassie, you have". We then sat on the floor and ate our ice cream together. It was one of the sweetest moments I've had since becoming a teacher. The things children do amaze me. 

Some of the food

More food

Even more food

Singing to Patricia

Prayer before eating

Some of my kiddos who came

Part 2: Turkey Party at School

The Monday before Thanksgiving the whole kindergarten watched a Thanksgiving cartoon and ate turkey in the basement. It was so fun to watch the children eat turkey, because not many of them had had it before (or at least in the traditional Thanksgiving sense). 

Watching the movie

The Artists enjoying their turkey

Part 3: Palace Thanksgiving Dinner

The roomies and I hosted a dinner on actual Thanksgiving. The girls from the 10th floor, along with Mike and some of the Taiwanese teachers came. It was Angela and the Taiwanese teacher's first time celebrating Thanksgiving. We got turkey sandwiches from Costco and then everyone made and brought a dish. It was fun to have a big dinner, with all my new friends. 

The "Oh Canada!" sign is leftover from our Canadian tuxedo party back in September. It made for a pretty ironic picture. 

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